Realtor Lead Generation Tools - Learn where & how agents should focus their efforts to ensure that they grow their businesses and increase their income levels.

These are the Realtor lead generation tools you need to give your agents in order to help them beat the high failure rate of the real estate industry.

Today on the blog, you’ll learn more about how exactly you, as a leader, must provide your agents with the lead gen tools they need to grow. 

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Focus on activities: Realtor lead generation tools to give your agents

The idea of focusing on activities is completely essential to running a successful real estate business. This is true whether you are a solo agent, the leader of a team, or the leader of a brokerage.

The second component of a high-performing real estate organization is the ability to focus on activities.

This is probably the reason why the real estate coaching industry exists.

Why is follow-through so hard?

Why is it that most of us know what we need to do, but we are unable to follow through and get it done? It’s crazy to me, but it’s a common human condition. This is why you are needed as the leader. You need to give your agents the Realtor lead generation tools they need to be successful. They won’t make it on their own.

When you go to work at a 9-5 job, you do what your boss tells you to do. If they tell you to make calls for two hours, you’ll do it. But you aren’t at a 9-5. You don’t have a boss telling you exactly what to do and when to do it. In real estate, you are your own boss.

Lead generation activities are those necessary activities that no one likes to do. And because most real estate organizations lack structure, it is left up to the agent on how much (or how little) they actually want to do.

Real estate agents will spend so much money on expensive seminars and conferences where they will learn high-level Realtor lead generation tools. But when they get home, it’s a whole other story. Actually doing the activities is the hard part.

Here’s why it’s so hard. Most agents (and leaders) are not focusing on the activities.

Actually doing the activities is the hard part.

Brian Icenhower

Focus on the Realtor lead generation tools that will help with the activities

You already know that it’s much easier to focus on the results.

Sales volume drops in the market. What do broker owners do? Broker owners look to see how many units they’re closing this year, perhaps compared to last year. This information gives the broker owner a sense of how their business is performing. The problem is … what can you actually do with this information?

As humans, we tend to gravitate towards looking at results. There’s nothing you can do with this information. It isn’t actionable. Agents and leaders alike end up reacting to the numbers and have no control over changing their future.

Suddenly, an agent’s business is being run by default and not by design. Nothing can be done as the market goes up and down, so cutting back is the only option.

Running your real estate business by results is what leads to that real estate industry roller coaster. It’s what makes many leaders and agents miserable because they are living based on the real estate market. They have no control over their future because they are just riding the wave and going through the high times and the low times. It’s extremely stressful.

The stress will get to you and you will not last in the real estate industry.

realtor lead generation tools
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Realtor lead generation tools: ABIs vs. RBIs

Most agents, teams, and brokerages fall victim to focusing on their Results Based Indicators, or RBIs. Activity Based Indicators, or ABIs, are what you must focus on.

I am not saying to never look at your RBIs. RBIs have a place in your business. They can be extremely motivating, for sure.

But, it is more meaningful to focus on the activities that drive those results if you are hoping to grow your business and move in a positive direction. If you want to look out the front windshield of your car instead of looking through the rearview mirror, you need to keep your focus on the activities. And, provide them with the Realtor lead generation tools they need.

What are the ABIs that drive production in your office?

  • Coaching 1-on-1 with your agents
  • Training events
  • Consulting agents in the office
  • Engaging agents to get them plugged back in if they have been disconnected
  • Recruiting

All of these things, in theory, will generate more business for leaders.

What are ABIs for the agents in your office?

  • Making contacts to their SOI
  • Making contacts to people they don’t know yet
  • Lead generation activities in general

No matter where you fall on the scale, from being the broker owner all the way down to the new real estate agent in the office, ABIs are not the “fun” part of the job. It’s much easier to focus on results.

Sometimes, the most important activities in life are uncomfortable. But, you still need to do them.


If you want to look out the front windshield of your car instead of looking through the rearview mirror, you need to keep your focus on the activities.

Brian Icenhower

realtor lead generation tools
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ABIs-RBIs timeline

At the end of this blog, you can get a free download of the diagram I’m talking about in this video. The Activity Based Indicators are on the left side and the Results Based Indicators are on the right. This is typical for any sales-based industry.


  • Contacts
  • Nurturing
  • Appointments Set


  • Appointments Had
  • Contracts Signed
  • Transactions Conducted

All of these items are important. You have to do all of them to make a living.

But in order to do any of these, it all starts with Contacts. It all starts with the ABIs. That’s the beginning. You must stay focused on these items, and keep your agents focused on Realtor lead generation tools, in order to get the RBIs on the right. Without the activities on the left, you simply won’t get the results you want.

Every tried-and-true lead generation technique you’ve heard of works in every market.

The voice inside your head will try to tell you these things won’t work “because of the market we’re in.” You are getting too focused on results.

Realtor lead generation tools to focus on activities first

At ICC, we put ABIs first and foremost throughout our systems. These are things nobody wants to do but we know that these are the things that must be done in order to get the desired results.

Trying to do this by yourself is extremely difficult. This is why agents need brokerages. This is why many agents join teams. Agents hire coaches for this reason as well. It’s also why agents rely on good leadership to keep them on track. Going it alone just plain doesn’t work on a high level.

Stay in alignment with your big goal

Remember, your activities must be in alignment with your big goal.

If you have a goal to sell X homes in your brokerage or X homes on your team in a year,  understand that your ABIs must be in direct alignment with this “X” number goal.

We already talked about making goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound). Because it must be measurable, you can use a number for your ABIs. You can determine exactly how many contacts must be made, or how many recruiting appointments you must set, to reach your goal.

The value you bring as a leader? Accountability. And, the Realtor lead generation tools needed for your agents to perform their ABIs.

FREE DOWNLOAD: ABIs-RBIs Timeline Graphic

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