Learn how real estate agents are getting Zillow reviews and other online review sources like realtor.com and search engines to generate more reviews and client leads.  As shown in this graphic, about 88% of home buyers searched for a home on the internet according to the National Association of REALTORS® Survey of Home Buyers & Sellers, it’s important for real estate agentzillow reviewss to appear prominently in the places where home buyers search for homes. Whether it be Zillow, realtor.com or even on search engines like Google, agents that appear often with good reviews get seen and chosen much more frequently.  Before examining our techniques for generating more Zillow reviews  and leads below, watch how Courtney Downer explains her process for systematically generating five star online reviews in this video.

zillow reviews

Zillow Reviews – Lead Strategies for REALTORS®

As explained in Courtney Downer’s video interview, she generated 26 five-star Zillow reviews last year that generate 25 to 30 leads a month.  She has 8 active leads from Zillow reviews currently pending.  She has also started adding client reviews for online platforms like Angie’s List, Realtor.com and Google that also generate consistent business.   Use the following techniques to systematize the client review process and ensure that your internet leads from Zillow reviews and other client review sources increase significantly.


The process for obtaining five-star Zillow reviews starts at the initial buyer consultation or listing presentation.  As if you are speaking subliminally, mention phrases like “five-star customer service” and “client review” repeatedly to set the expectation that you intend to provide a high level of customer service and they should tell you if they ever don’t feel that they are receiving it.  Agents can use scripts like the following:

  • “Promise me that if anything is jeopardizing a five-star client review that you’ll tell me.”
  • “Is there anything I can do to make it a five-star experience for you?”


Continuing to remind clients about your five-star standards and goals for receiving great client reviews throughout transactions is essential.  Use opportunities for providing good news to ask clients if they are receiving “five-star client review service” after a property appraises, an offer is accepted, and especially at closing.  Also know that by stating this high standard of customer service repeatedly to clients, agents are held accountable to ensure they deliver!


On the of closing on the purchase or sale of their home, send an email to your clients with a direct hyperlink to your Zillow review page.  It is also a good idea to personalize the first and last few sentences of the email’s text content for each client.  However the bulk of the email’s content should be in a form template that can be sent to all of your clients at the closing of each transaction.


Big results do not come from occasionally remembering to ask your happiest clients and  closest friends to write great Zillow reviews for you.  Instead, top producers know that the key is to implement a systematic process that will generate consistent results quickly.  Just like putting up a sign or getting disclosures signed should be to-do items on a real estate agent’s transaction checklist, so should the various verbal and email attempts to mention and get client reviews.  A transaction file should not be closed until confirmation of a completed review can be confirmed.  This might even take follow up emails with the link or even a telephone call until it’s done.

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