ICC's groundbreaking real estate LMS (learning management system), the Custom Training Suite, will allow you to create your own customizable training website for your team or brokerage.

A customized real estate LMS (learning management system) puts you in the driver seat for training at your organization. Until the Custom Training Suite, there were no fully customizable training programs available for real estate teams and brokerages!

Learn more about how the Custom Training Suite will allow you to upgrade your training and accelerate learning at your real estate organization.

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A real estate LMS (learning management system) customized to fit your organization

ICC has become known as the industry standard when it comes to real estate training courses. Now, all of those courses can belong to you.

Your real estate LMS (learning management system) will look and feel as if it is your own. Our team of designers will build you a training website with your branding. You get to choose which courses to provide, and you have access to user-friendly course-building tools, allowing you to create your own customized, localized training.

ICC has become known as the industry standard when it comes to real estate training courses. Now, all of those courses can belong to you.

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Customized real estate LMS (Learning Management System)

So, what exactly is a real estate LMS (learning management system)?

1. ICC Training Courses

With over 50 diverse courses, ICC provides video lessons, audio lessons, downloadable and printable course workbooks, scripts, tools, and systems in each training course. Agents are held accountable for learning with ICC’s built-in quizzes and action steps, providing a game plan with actionable takeaways after each module.

2. In-Person Training Materials

Each ICC course comes jam-packed with downloadable resources and materials, making them the perfect companions for in-person office trainings and seminars. Download and print the course workbooks, instructor manuals, and helpful resources and get your agents back in the office and learning. Watch engagement skyrocket!

3. Dynamic Progress Reports & Insights

With your Custom Training Suite, you are in the driver’s seat. As the administrator of your account, you are provided with admin access. This gives you the power to access and manage agent enrollment, as well tools to help you monitor engagement. When you login to your real estate LMS administrator dashboard, you can view and download dynamic reporting, providing you with a next-level solution for accountability at your real estate organization!

4. Certifications & Designations Upon Completion

Most of our ICC courses come with a downloadable and printable course certificate and Degree Designation upon completion. These designations can be formally abbreviated after the agent’s name in professional signature lines, online profiles and marketing. This is a great value add for your people!

5. Your Own Courses

This is huge, and there is truly nothing else like this out there in the real estate industry. Not only do we give you our ICC courses, but we also provide you with the tools to create your own courses. You can create your own, custom-branded training courses specific to more localized training topics like:

  • office file compliance
  • local MLS systems
  • contracts and disclosures
  • CRM training
  • new agent orientation and onboarding
real estate LMS custom training suite
The Custom Training Suite comes with downloadable and printable training materials, such as workbooks and instructor's manuals, making it simple for you to create an integrated training program and host in-person seminars at your organization.

A customized real estate LMS, backed by the industry’s best 

If you’re interested in learning more about all of the ICC courses and training materials that Custom Training Suite clients have access to, be sure to learn more information here.

Finally, a fully customizable real estate LMS (learning management system) for real estate organizations, big and small! Let our team of experts work with you to create a customized, integrated, comprehensive training program. 

If you’re interested in the Custom Training Suite for your real estate organization, learn more by clicking below. Get started with your own real estate LMS training website today!

real estate LMS custom training suite
ICC will create a custom branded training website for your team, brokerage, or real estate company!