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When you look at our real estate event guide, you will discover that there are many different types of Realtor events that you can host. Because we have coaching clients across North America at ICC, we get diverse and unique ideas. There really is something for everyone.

The top producing teams we coach here at ICC do 4-6 of these events per year. And, they consistently market these client events with our Client Event Contact Plan.


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Real estate event guide: it’s all about giving

Remember, the goal of these client events is to give back. Whether you are giving back to your clients, giving back to your community, or giving back to those in need, you are always finding ways to come from contribution. You are finding reasons for your sphere of influence (SOI) to think of you in a positive way. You want them to remember you.

The people who tell you that you need to constantly pick up the phone and ask for business are asking you to “take” rather than “give.” Hosting a client event provides you with a different way to go about getting new (or repeat) business.

You want to find ways to “give” and constantly do better. I know a lot of Realtors prefer this method.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. Be a beacon of hope for your community.

Hosting events against all odds: more ideas in our real estate event guide

Remember the Covid-19 pandemic? We had coaching clients who took their client events to the next level during that time of panic. Your community needs you in times of chaos and confusion. If you can find a way to be that beacon of hope, you will leave a lasting impression on your community. People will remember you for it. And, ultimately, it will drive more business your way.

Stop with the excuses about why you can’t do a client event. If Realtors were able to create unique, effective events during the pandemic, you can find a way to make an event work for whatever your circumstances are. Virtual events, socially distanced events, etc.

Be solution oriented. There is no reason to not do a client event.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. Be a beacon of hope for your community.

Brian Icenhower

The best real estate event guide

At the end of today’s blog, you’ll have access to our real estate event guide as a free PDF download. In the table of contents, you can get an idea of the different kinds of events you can host. There are so many ideas, and this guide just scratches the surface.

Here are the types of events covered in our real estate event guide:

  • Holiday/seasonal events
  • Food/drink
  • Adults only
  • Family friendly
  • Charity/community
  • Virtual events
  • Socially-distanced events
  • And more

Easter egg hunt example

This is a very popular event in our real estate event guide. You can do a number of things at this event. It is a fairly inexpensive event to organize, and you can incorporate a “Photo with the Easter Bunny.” All you need are plastic eggs, candy, a bunny costume (and a willing Easter Bunny), someone to take photos, etc. This event will attract so many families because parents love bringing their kids to a free Easter egg hunt. And of course, the photos are priceless.

Something for every season in our real estate event guide

There are many ideas for every season. In the summer, you can rent an ice cream truck or host a block party. A lot of parades happen in the summer, so you can host an event around a local parade. In the fall, you can create a pumpkin patch where everyone can come and pick a pumpkin and take some family photos. You can go big and host a harvest festival or a back to school event. In winter, of course, “Photos with Santa” or a hot chocolate social are super popular.

Come and go events are best

If you can, do a “come and go” event. It is hard to host a party with a specific start and end time because then, if for any reason not many people show up, you will feel (and look like) a loser. If the event allows guests to come and go as they please, no one will know how many people attended. And, it’s less strenuous than having a large crowd all at once (if everyone does show up to your party).

Remember: it’s all about the contacts

There are a ton of different events to choose from in our real estate event guide. I’m sure this got your wheels turning on all the fun ideas you may have to host Realtor events.

Do not lose sight of the goal! It’s all about making contacts. The best event plans mean nothing to you if you haven’t made your contacts. Use our Client Event Contact Plan to ensure that you are getting the most out of your hard work!

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