Negotiation Skills Training for Realtors

Designed for all learning types

Video Training

In-depth professional video training on every module, presented by the author, Brian Icenhower.

Written Modules

Detailed and downloadable written modules with detailed graphics, scripts, spreadsheets, forms, and so much more.


Since real estate agents are always on the move, your training must be too. This course provides a professional downloadable audiobook.

Course curriculum

Enrollment includes access to the following course materials for 2 years

  • VIDEO: Understanding the Needs Analysis
  • AUDIO: Understanding the Needs Analysis
  • Workbook: Understanding the Needs Analysis
  • The Feelings Wheel
  • Real Estate Trainer Podcast: Episode 196 – Real Estate Recruiting Scripts: Conducting the Appointment
  • Action Steps for Module 1
  • VIDEO: Negotiating With a Needs Analysis
  • AUDIO: Negotiating With a Needs Analysis
  • Workbook: Negotiating With a Needs Analysis
  • Buyer Lead Sheet (fillable)
  • Seller Lead Sheet (fillable)
  • Action Steps for Module 2
  • VIDEO: Mirroring Opponents
  • AUDIO: Mirroring Opponents
  • Workbook: Mirroring Opponents
  • Real Estate Trainer Podcast: Episode 184 – NLP Real Estate Scripts for Realtors
  • Action Step for Module 3
  • VIDEO: Matching Opponents
  • AUDIO: Matching Opponents
  • Workbook: Matching Opponents
  • Mirror & Matching – Real Estate Negotiation Strategies
  • Action Steps for Module 4
  • VIDEO: Understanding Behavioral Profiles
  • AUDIO: Understanding Behavioral Profiles
  • Workbook: Understanding Behavioral Profiles
  • DISC Style Identification
  • Understanding DISC Profiles
  • DISC Lead Gen Tendencies & DISC Profiles Graphics
  • DISC Behavioral Assessment
  • Take the DISC Behavioral Assessment
  • Action Steps for Module 5
  • VIDEO: Identifying & Matching Behavioral Profiles
  • AUDIO: Identifying & Matching Behavioral Profiles
  • Workbook: Identifying & Matching Behavioral Profiles
  • Real Estate Trainer Podcast: Episode 76 – Recruiting for Real Estate Agents & DISC Behavior Profiles
  • Action Steps for Module 6
  • VIDEO: Changing Your Opponent’s Position
  • AUDIO: Changing Your Opponent’s Position
  • Workbook: Changing Your Opponent’s Position
  • Action Steps for Module 7
  • VIDEO: Negotiation Tactics to Secure Agreement
  • AUDIO: Negotiation Tactics to Secure Agreement
  • Workbook: Negotiation Tactics to Secure Agreement
  • 10 Real Estate Negotiation Tactics
  • Action Steps for Module 8
  • VIDEO: The Negotiation Blueprint
  • AUDIO: The Negotiation Blueprint
  • Workbook: The Negotiation Blueprint
  • Meet in the Middle Negotiation Model Graphic
  • The Icenhower Method Negotiation Model Graphic
  • Action Steps for Module 9
  • VIDEO: Real Estate Negotiation Scripts & Strategies
  • AUDIO: Real Estate Negotiation Scripts & Strategies
  • Workbook: Real Estate Negotiation Scripts & Strategies
  • Price Reduction Graphic
  • Impact of Price on Visibility – Social Media Infographic
  • Action Steps for Module 10

About this course

Immediate Takeaways

Here is what you can expect to gain from taking this online course.

Negotiation Skills Training for Realtors CNS designation

Certification & Designation Upon Completion

In this ICC online course, you will receive an official designation of “Certified Negotiation Specialist” or CNS upon completion, as well as a downloadable (and printable) Certificate of Completion. Add your designation seal, as well as your designation letters, to your email signature to bolster your reputation and show off your expertise to clients and colleagues alike.


"I use ICC systems, the Online Learning Center, and the coaching program to coach and train my team of over 30 agents. I use the ICC dashboard systems to keep my entire team accountable for their activities and set proper expectations."
Jake Rockwell
Over 500 Units Sold Annually
"I have coached with ICC for over five years. ICC has helped me quadruple my luxury business through marketing strategies so that I receive listings and sales through lead generation and multiple pillars of income."
soi audio workbook
Dennis Adelpour
Luxury Agent - West Los Angeles
"When we started coaching with ICC we worked all the time with some degree of success. Now, seven years later, we have grown to have the #1 market share in our area, we more than tripled our income and production, while also improving our work-life balance to enjoy our personal life with family and friends."
recruit audio workbook
Tammi Humphrey
#1 Market Share & 100 Million in Annual Sales Volume



Brian ​Icenhower.

I created Negotiation Skills Training for Realtors because there is simply no other training out their like this specifically for real estate agents.

Most agents have no rhyme or reason when it comes to their negotiations. You are not an "average agent", though, and you are here to propel yourself (and your business) forward by learning the proven scripts, strategies, and negotiation tactics that Top Producers use.

Now is the time to step up your game. This is a high-level course, and you won't find this kind of training anywhere else. I'll explain everything from start to finish, and by the end, you'll feel confident and walk away with tactics that you can use in your business every day. Time to win more negotiations!

No more "winging it".

Do you have a negotiation strategy?

If your answer is “no,” or you aren’t sure, then you’re in the right place. Up your game and win more negotiations by learning the scripts, strategies, and negotiation tactics that have been proven to work.

Negotiation Skills Training for Realtors

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