Social Media & Digital Marketing: Online Masterclass for Agents

Designed for all learning types

Video Training

In-depth professional video training on every module, presented by the author, Brian Icenhower.

Written Modules

Detailed and downloadable written modules with detailed graphics, scripts, spreadsheets, forms, and so much more.

Course curriculum

Enrollment includes access to the following course materials for 2 years

  • Video: Facebook Personal Page – Generating Organic Business
  • Workbook: Facebook Personal Page – Generating Organic Business
  • How to Create a Friends List on Facebook
  • Video: Facebook Business Page
  • Workbook: Facebook Business Page
  • BONUS HELP: Creating a Facebook Page for Your Business
  • BONUS HELP: Adding Essential Information to Your Facebook Page
  • BONUS HELP: Creating a Professional Cover Image for Your Facebook Page – PART 1
  • BONUS HELP: Creating a Professional Cover Image for Your Facebook Page – PART 2
  • BONUS HELP: Stock Photo Download
  • BONUS HELP: How to Use Canva Tutorial
  • BONUS HELP: How to Find Royalty Free Images
  • Facebook Description Examples
  • Facebook Cover Templates
  • Keyword Research Toolkit
  • Keyword Examples
  • Successful Facebook Ad Examples
  • Video: Instagram: Your Homepage & Content
  • Workbook: Instagram: Your Homepage & Content
  • STAY Social Media Strategy Calendar – Social Media Images
  • STAY Social Media Strategy Calendar
  • Video: Websites, Landing Pages & CRMs
  • Workbook: Websites, Landing Pages, & CRMs
  • Keyword Research Toolkit
  • Keyword Examples
  • Video: Real Estate Blogs
  • Workbook: Real Estate Blogs
  • Video: Video Marketing
  • Workbook: Video Marketing
  • Pre-Listing Video Examples
  • Pre-Listing Video Scripts
  • 12-Month SOI Video Touch System
  • Video: YouTube for Real Estate Agents: Creating Your Channel & Videos
  • Workbook: YouTube – Creating a Channel & Video
  • Video: Pinterest, LinkedIn, & Twitter
  • Workbook: Pinterest, LinkedIn, & Twitter
  • Video: Your Google Presence & Advertising
  • Workbook: Your Google Presence & Advertising
  • Video: Online Reviews
  • Workbook: Online Reviews
  • Best Practices for Generating Google Reviews
  • Asking for a Review
  • Asking for a Google Review Template
  • Leave Us a Review Social Media Template
  • Google Review Request Email Template
  • Example Video: Reviews Request
  • Google Review Script & Instructions for Staff
  • Quick Tip: Reviews for each location
  • Online Review Job Post (Word doc with social post text)
  • Online Review Job Post (PowerPoint design file template)
  • Advanced Techniques for Getting Google Reviews
social media & digital marketing online course

About this course

Immediate Takeaways

Here is what you can expect to gain from taking this online course.

Social Media & Digital Marketing - Certified Social Media Associate “CSMA” (2)

Certification & Designation Upon Completion

In this ICC online course, you will receive an official designation of “Certified Social Media Associate” or CSMA upon completion, as well as a downloadable (and printable) Certificate of Completion. Add your designation seal, as well as your designation letters, to your email signature to bolster your reputation and show off your expertise to clients and colleagues alike.


"I use ICC systems, the Online Learning Center, and the coaching program to coach and train my team of over 30 agents. I use the ICC dashboard systems to keep my entire team accountable for their activities and set proper expectations."
Jake Rockwell
Over 500 Units Sold Annually
"I have coached with ICC for over five years. ICC has helped me quadruple my luxury business through marketing strategies so that I receive listings and sales through lead generation and multiple pillars of income."
soi audio workbook
Dennis Adelpour
Luxury Agent - West Los Angeles
"When we started coaching with ICC we worked all the time with some degree of success. Now, seven years later, we have grown to have the #1 market share in our area, we more than tripled our income and production, while also improving our work-life balance to enjoy our personal life with family and friends."
recruit audio workbook
Tammi Humphrey
#1 Market Share & 100 Million in Annual Sales Volume



Brian ​Icenhower.

Brian Icenhower is the CEO and Founder of Icenhower Coaching & Consulting (ICC), which provides customized coaching and training programs to many of the highest producing real estate agents, teams, and brokerage owners in North America. This progressive company also produces online courses, podcasts, training materials, speaking events, video modules, and real estate training books.

Brian has been in the real estate industry for decades, and he has witnessed and studied the advent of social media and what it means for Realtors. Part of a Realtor's job is to adapt and change as new technology presents itself, and with social media and digital marketing, it is no different.

Brian has distilled the information you need as a Realtor to not only survive but thrive in this age of social media and digital marketing, and it's all inside this online course. Brian leads this course where you will learn the cutting edge strategies and systems that provide positive results, engage your audience, increase your sales, and grow your business.

Become a social media & digital marketing master.

Gain the confidence and know-how to use the social media channels at your disposal for the greatest impact on your real estate business.
You’ll learn the cutting edge strategies and systems that provide positive results, engage your audience, increase your sales, and grow your business.

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