Use this Realtor mindset training video to help real estate agents and other staff members of your real estate organization be self-managed and solution-oriented to solve problems.

Realtor mindset training is essential. You don’t have to possess the answers. What you do need to have is a trusted and proven path of self-discovery. Telling the agents in your real estate organization what to do won’t work.

If they discover the solution and author it themselves, they will own it. You can do this through Realtor mindset training, and through teaching your people to be solution-oriented.

VIDEO: Realtor Mindset Training – Be Solution Oriented

Finding a solution through Realtor mindset training

Changing to more of a positive mindset is crucial to turning the corner and looking at a more solution-oriented approach. This applies to all of your issues. 

This is something that is ingrained in my soul. As a leader, I apply this to everyone who works for my companies. Everyone who our coaching clients bring on their teams or inside their organizations – I apply it to them, too. It must be a part of the onboarding process. Being solution-oriented is absolutely essential.

When problems arise, don’t go into victim mode. Instead, be solution oriented.

Brian Icenhower

Get out of victim mode

Most importantly, we, ourselves (as leaders) need to get out of victim mode. Victims always complain, blame, and justify. Victims make excuses. They don’t become successful. They don’t emerge from their comfort zone. These people stay comfortable forever. Complaining, blaming, and justifying are all reasons to stay in the same comfortable place and not improve. Getting uncomfortable is how we improve.


When problems arise, don’t go into victim mode. Instead, be solution-oriented. 


This is easier said than done. Especially in your own head. A coach will help you with this. A good leader will help, too. Or a mentor. Even a good spouse will help you with this. You need an accountability partner. You must get out of your own head and get focused on being solution-oriented. It’s absolutely crucial.

Realtor mindset training: Self-Management

When you’re helping someone else become solution-oriented, it involves teaching them to be self-managed. If someone comes to you with a problem, there are two ways to help them. 

  1. “Here’s what you should do.” This is the old-school way of doing it. We have learned throughout the years that this is not an effective way to help someone. 
  2. “What do you think you should do?” Stop the downward spiral and begin self-discovery. If you can get someone to discover the solution themselves, not only will they find the solution, but they will take action because they authored them. And if they author the solution themselves, they will own it. This creates a self-managed person.

The Solution Triangle

Think about your biggest problem in business. What are the biggest challenges you are facing? 

At ICC, we use the DISC behavioral assessment in a lot of our training. It’s easy to apply to so many situations and has many uses. Depending on your DISC behavioral profile, you’ll approach finding a solution differently. 

Whichever DISC profile you are will determine where you start on The Solution Triangle.

The Solution Triangle is a visual representation of how to find a solution, depending on what your behavioral profile is. You will see a diagram of The Solution Triangle below the text describing the levels of the triangle. If you subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this blog, you’ll receive a high-res PDF version.

Realtor mindset training: Default entry to The Solution Triangle

If you ignore the DISC aspect, most people gravitate toward the HOW level of the solution triangle by default. Otherwise, look at the part of the triangle that corresponds to your DISC profile to determine where you would enter The Solution Triangle.

Levels of The Solution Triangle

WHO – Who knows how to do it best? I behaviors enter here.

WHAT – What do I do? D behaviors enter here.

HOW – How do I do it? C behaviors enter here.

WHY – Why should I do it? S behaviors enter here.

Realtor mindset training

Realtor mindset training: Falling into “WHY”

When you stay in “HOW” too long, you fall down the triangle into “WHY.” And when you get into “WHY,” that’s the worst place to be. 

When you are in “WHY,” you are asking, “Why should I even do this?” “Why is it important in the first place?” You are finding ways to justify your inaction at this point. You are looking for things to blame. 

A lot of bad character traits get created here. You begin to think negative thoughts, then say negative things, and then you act on those negative words, which creates bad habits and then your character changes negatively. Sound familiar? You begin a negative spiral around The Gandhi Circle.

As a leader, your mindset needs to be in the right place before you can begin to train your people on this concept.

Brian Icenhower

DISC tendencies

S behaviors tend to be overly cautious and debate whether or not they should do things. They tend to be indecisive. If you look at the triangle, that’s why the S behavior enters at the bottom, “WHY.” S behaviors are risk-averse and hate change. This makes coming up with solutions more difficult for them.

C behaviors also struggle with quick decision making, and coming up with a solution in an efficient way, and they are in the second level of the triangle at “HOW.” C behaviors obsess over the details and over-analyze, which can get them stuck, too. Analysis paralysis. 

No one needs The Solution Triangle chart more than an S or C behavior.

Realtor mindset training goal: Try to move up the triangle

Instead of moving down The Solution Triangle, you want to move up. Your goal is to move as quickly into action as fast as you can.

If someone is telling you to do something that is proven, time-tested, and verified to be true, the best thing you can do is to take their advice. Stand on the shoulders of giants. If your coach or mentor is giving you advice based on their experience, take the advice!

This is the “WHO” at the very top of The Solution Triangle. This is where you can ask yourself who can get you the solution you are looking for. “WHO” is where you want to be in the solution triangle! Leverage the knowledge of an expert! Save yourself time and get to your solution more quickly.

Realtor mindset training: Asking for help can be uncomfortable

Yes, it sure can be. But what have I been saying since the beginning of this training? You need to get uncomfortable to become successful. You need to be okay with doing uncomfortable activities to get the results you want. 

It might make you squirm to think about calling up a fellow agent that you know is your “WHO” and will be able to help you get to your solution. Get uncomfortable. Get your answers. And the more you do it, the more comfortable you will become.

Get out of your comfort zone. If you are told what to do by a “WHO,” you don’t need to over-analyze it. You don’t need to ask yourself “WHY.” You won’t risk falling backwards in the triangle because you are staying in “WHO” and then exiting the triangle altogether because you found your solution.

If you can move into “WHAT,” you’ve accomplished a lot. You know what needs to be done. You still don’t want to get stuck here in inaction. If you know what you need to do, you might need a push to start and actually do it. Don’t delay – get yourself up into “WHO” before negative thoughts creep in and you fall into “HOW.”

You don’t always need to have the answers for your people.

Brian Icenhower

Find a “WHO”

This is how we can create self-managed people through this Realtor mindset training. You don’t always need to have the answers for your people. “Who would be the best person for you to talk to for that answer?” As a real estate coach, I say that a lot. Yes, coaches have many of the answers you need. But, sometimes it is worth more to seek out a different “WHO” for different problems.

This is why we coach our clients on a weekly basis. We help train our clients to be self-managed people. We help them identify the solution and then find their “WHO.” It’s week in, week out. It’s accountability on a high level.

You may think you know what to do. But why not talk to the best “WHO” possible who is doing it at a high level? Like the top agents in your real estate office? Or, networking at a real estate conference where all the Top Producers convene? It’s all about relationships. 

If you want to learn how to create a geographical farm, get out of your own head and reach out to the best farmer in your office.

If you want to learn how to recruit, go talk to the best recruiter you know.

Be learning-based & coachable

Get out of your own way. That’s where the problem lies with some of the other behavioral profiles. D behaviors, specifically, have big egos. They would rather just do it their own way, on their own, than to humble themselves enough to reach out for help. They have no problem getting into action quickly, but they skip a few steps. The top of the pyramid gets completely skipped, and they don’t seek out other people’s advice.

Guess what? Other people have already found the best way to do things. If you are a D or I behavior, you need to let go of your ego and not try to reinvent the wheel. 

D behaviors will come to us seeking a coach, saying they want to learn, but then when it comes time to learn they say they already know what to do. 

I behaviors are in the best situation to succeed when approaching The Solution Triangle. They might come in at “HOW” but they quickly move up to “WHO” because they are social butterflies. They love to find an excuse to talk to someone they know. I behaviors will be able to find solutions all the time because they don’t waste time trying to figure it out themselves and they reach out to a “WHO” to help them.

Realtor mindset training & the value of being on a team

If you are on a real estate team or in an organization, the power of that entity is its size. The group is more powerful than the individual agents. You have a library of resources, knowledge, and experience. This is one of the super valuable parts of being a part of a team or brokerage that supports its agents. You have access to a wealth of knowledge!

This is one of the super valuable parts of being a part of a team or brokerage that supports its agents. You have access to a wealth of knowledge!

Brian Icenhower

Realtor mindset training beyond the “WHO”

I once had a great mentor that told me that beyond seeking a “WHO,” you must also seek a higher power. Without getting religious, there is something to be said for this concept. It is important to have purpose. To find meaning in everything. And to have a higher power that you can pray to for a solution. There are many benefits to having a spiritual focus in your life. We teach this to all of our clients – having some spiritual aspect of your life does help your overall life balance.

If you don’t have a “WHO,” go higher. Seek spiritual guidance in whatever form it may be.

If they author it, they will own it

As a leader, you don’t have to have all the answers. What you do need to have is a trusted and proven path of self discovery that you can take someone down to maximize the chances of finding a self-discovered solution. And if they find it and author that solution themselves, they will own it. 

If you are always telling someone exactly what to do, good luck. That doesn’t work well. It’s all about teaching self discovery.

There is no problem that The Solution Triangle can’t provide you with a solution for. Find your “WHO.” There is power in getting uncomfortable and following the clues left by the successful real estate agents who came before you.

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