The best real estate agent coach tool for determining and setting Realtor goals, and also holding agents accountable to the lead generation activities required to succeed.

Real estate agent accountability coaching is necessary for any successful real estate team or brokerage.

Today on the blog, you’ll learn why real estate agent accountability coaching gives your role as a leader value. And, instead of getting frustrated with your agents, realize that their need for accountability gives you purpose.

VIDEO: The Best Real Estate Agent Coach Tool

The best real estate agent coach tool will keep you on track

At ICC, we coach many of the highest performing real estate brokerage managers, brokerage owners, and real estate team leaders. We work hand in hand with a lot of different leadership positions across the country. Today, I am going to share with you what I believe to be the best real estate agent coach tool in the industry.

You can use this tool with anyone. You can use it for a solo agent, or for an entire brokerage.

I’ve seen versions of this tool all across the industry, but at ICC, we took what we liked from all of the various tools out there and combined it to make our own version. I truly believe it is the best of all the versions I’ve seen in my career.

This business tracker is a spreadsheet that anyone can use. 

It is the best real estate agent coaching tool on the planet, from a foundational standpoint. I absolutely love it. I want to make sure you understand and implement it in your business.

Within the video in this blog, I’ll show you how it works.

When it comes to your real estate business, being held accountable for your most important activities is absolutely key.

Brian Icenhower

The ICC Business Tracker: the best real estate agent coach tool around

Nothing gets you focused on activities and creates an atmosphere of accountability (and ultimately, personal responsibility) more than tracking those activities. This is the key to everything I’ve been teaching in this series on leadership. You start out by planning activities in advance, and then holding yourself (and your agents) accountable to your plan.

This ICC Business Tracker is created to be preventative.

In the video in this blog, I’m going to walk through how to use the ICC Business Tracker. I’ll outline the basics, below. You’ll soon realize why this is the best real estate agent coaching tool in the industry.

Here are the basics for using the ICC Business Tracker

  • Start at the top and fill in the blue cells.
  • Enter in the transaction goal at the very top.
  • As you edit the cells, you will see the other numbers adjust based on the number you input.
  • Decide what percentage of your business will come from buyers vs. sellers and enter it (if you don’t know, just put 50/50).
  • Enter your commission percentage.
  • Enter your average sales price.
  • Now look to see what the GCI and the Average Commission should be based on these numbers.
  • You need to also fill in the conversion rate percentages near the middle of this spreadsheet, on both the buyer side and the seller side.
  • The conversion rate depends on how you get your business and how experienced you are, so this varies dramatically from agent to agent.
  • From these percentages, you learn a lot of other helpful information, like how many leads, appointments, listings taken, contracts taken, and closings you will need to hit your goals up top.
  • Near the bottom of the spreadsheet, there’s the Listings Needed Form.
  • Fill in the percentage of your listings that actually sell, and also fill in your average days on the market.
  • Now, you can see at the bottom the number of listings you must carry at all times in order to hit your big goal up top.

You can see the activities that need to be completed behind the goals. This creates personal responsibility because all of the sudden, you can see clearly what exactly must be done to hit your goal up top.

Brian Icenhower

What you can learn from the best real estate agent coach tool

After you fill out the ICC Business Tracker, you will know how many closings you will need throughout the year. You’ll be able to tell, at a glance, if you are behind, on target, or ahead of your goal. You need this tool to be able to understand where you are at with your goal.

This ICC Business Tracker will allow you to figure out the numbers. You can see the activities that need to be completed behind the goals. This creates personal responsibility because all of the sudden, you can see clearly what exactly must be done to hit your goal up top.

Tracking leads to personal responsibility

This is why the ICC Business Tracker is the best real estate agent coaching tool

By seeing what needs to be done consistently, you can create an atmosphere that motivates your agents to continuously work to generate more listings and more leads. They won’t feel content to slow down when business picks up because they will see the numbers they need to hit and they will understand that their marketing department needs to stay open.

Your agents need to constantly be lead generating for new business so they have business down the road. This will help your agents get off the real estate roller coaster that happens for most real estate agents … the whiplash of going from being so busy to no business at all due to seasonality or market shifts.

If you use the ICC Business Tracker at your brokerage or team and have your agents use it consistently, you will be able to help them stay focused. 

When they aren’t actively carrying the number of listings they need to carry at all times to reach their goals, you can approach them and help them figure out where they are falling behind in their activities.

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