Learn the key elements of a realtor scoreboard for real estate agents to effectively track their lead generation activities to bring in more business.

Realtor scoreboards (sometimes referred to as dashboards) are essential for a growth-oriented business model. You must have a compelling dashboard in front of you at all times. And, you must refer to it regularly in order to create professional responsibility. This is absolutely key.

Today we are going to dive into the Realtor scoreboard/dashboard, and what it should look like.


VIDEO: The Realtor Scoreboard – How to Track Lead Generation

Realtor scoreboard: it’s pretty simple

This Realtor scoreboard model works for solo real estate agents just as well as for teams and brokerages.

The one I’m showing you today is a very “old school” model of a scoreboard/dashboard. It’s the one I’ve used to coach and train forever. It’s pretty basic … it’s an Excel spreadsheet. That said, there are so many great, high-tech versions of this model out there. I truly believe that all you need is a simple spreadsheet, however, because sometimes simple is better. It’s up to you — the rest is just window dressing.

Today, I’ll show you the team Realtor scoreboard. It shows what team members should be tracking as far as Activity Based Indicators (ABIs) and Results Based Indicators (RBIs).

A Realtor dashboard will allow you to run your business by design instead of by default.

Brian Icenhower

The items on your Realtor scoreboard

ABIs – Activity Based Indicators on your Realtor scoreboard

Remember, ABIs are actionable. These are the primary focus of agents on a team.

This dashboard breaks numbers down by week. You also include your weekly goal, monthly actual, monthly goal, yearly actual, and yearly goal. This helps you “zoom out” and see your numbers on a macro level to see if you’re on track for your goals.
Here are items that belong in your ABIs:
These items vary by team but they help you see, at a glance, whether you are doing the actionable activities that will move you toward your goal.

RBIs – Results Based Indicators on your Realtor scoreboard

Remember, these items are not as important as your ABIs, however, they still belong on your Realtor scoreboard/dashboard.
Here are items that belong in your RBIs:
  • Listing Appointments Set
  • Listing Appointments Had
  • Listing Agreements Signed
  • Buyer Appointments Set
  • Buyer Appointments Had
  • Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreements Signed
  • Contracts

Your Realtor scoreboard or dashboard will help you see, at a glance, if you are ahead or behind.

Brian Icenhower

Realtor scoreboard: track your training

You can also use your Realtor scoreboard to track training measures. 

At ICC, we provide over 50 industry-leading online courses, with various certifications and designations, across every topic you could think of relating to real estate. 

This section can also include job shadowing opportunities that you provide your agents. 

Your agents will graduate through this process, which usually takes 6 months to a year. Then, they can start to self-manage and will require less of this intensive training.

Your Realtor scoreboard will help you run your business by design

Your Realtor scoreboard/dashboard will help you see, at a glance, if you are ahead or behind.

It is an invaluable tool, and completely necessary for any real estate organization that hopes to grow.