Download this free transaction coordinator checklist PDF to help streamline your real estate contract to close process and increase your customer service.

Today, we’re going to give you a free download of our Transaction Coordinator Checklist PDF. And, we are going to talk about why a having a transaction coordinator, along with a checklist, is so important. A big tidal wave of change is coming in real estate. We are going to have a housing boom. We’ve already seen record sales in this past year — the most sales volume in ten years! Everything is set up for even more in 2021. Agents are about to get busier than you can imagine.

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Why do YOU need a transaction coordinator?

It’s always this time of year, as we transition from late Winter to Spring to early Summer, that real estate agents go from “I need listings” to “I need a life!” Things ramp up quickly. And, in this current market, we have no reason to believe that it won’t ramp up faster and harder this year. Let’s get ahead of that. This is something to deal with right now, not in June when you’re already pulling your hair out.

There are different reasons to hire administrative support. The main thing that we need help with as real estate agents, team leaders, and brokers, is the handling of transactional duties. Different people need administrative support for different reasons, because we all have our own strengths and weaknesses. But, the fact is, as you have more transactions pending at once, you are going to need some extra help. It’s a lot to keep track of, for anyone! And our trusty transaction coordinator checklist PDF is going to be key to helping you get on top of managing your transactions.

The reason people initially get administrative support is because they are too busy servicing current business to make time to go out and generate more business. They get stuck in customer service activities and get away from the income producing activities. Once the transaction closes, it’s crickets, because they stopped trying to generate new business. This can be overwhelming for a new agent (or even for a seasoned agent stuck in a rut)! In fact, it’s a big reason why 33% of agents quit within their first year.

Transaction Coordinator Checklist PDF

The Seller Closing Checklist and the Buyer Closing Checklist

These two transaction coordinator checklist PDFs are included in today’s free download (see below). They provide each task, from contract to close, in order — the more detailed, the better! This way, your administrative assistant or transaction coordinator has a task for every single to-do that must get done during the transaction. This means less hand-holding by you, so you are free to focus on what you do best — and generate new business!

Your clients will be blown away by your customer service once you implement this checklist. You will be on top of what needs to be done, and what is coming up. You can reach out to your clients to check in on their progress and remind them of what’s next. Your clients should never be calling you — you should always be calling them! If your clients are always calling you, that’s bad news. You’re behind the ball. A good transaction coordinator checklist (like the PDF we are giving you today) will help you stay in front and pre-emptively answer your client’s questions.

Download the Transaction Coordinator Checklist PDF

Once you hire your Transaction Coordinator, you’ll need this trusty checklist. It details every single task that needs to be accomplished from contract to close. Today, we’re giving you our own Transaction Coordinator Checklist PDF that you can use to create your own. Click the button below to download the PDF for free!

Looking to grow your team?

Whether you’re thinking about hiring your first administrative assistant or if you’re trying to grow the team you’ve got, get an ICC coach in your corner. We can help you develop the structure and implement the systems to grow smart.

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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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