How and why should a realtor administrative assistant be responsible for generating leads for a real estate agent or team?

There are many ways to generate business, from prospecting to farming to online lead-generation, and etc. Most top-producing teams generate more than 50% of their business from the spheres of influence (SOI) of their team members. Consequently, SOI database management is a chief priority.

Whether you’re a solo agent or a realtor administrative assistant, a successful Sphere of Influence revolves around you. Therefore, no matter how big or small your team, you’re responsible for ensuring that everyone on the team consistently grows and stays in contact with their SOI database.

However, please note that this does not only pertain to developing an agent’s SOI database. In fact, it is very common for a realtor administrative assistant and/or manager to also be responsible for growing, contacting and cultivating his or her own SOI referral databases to generate business for the team as well. Watch as Icenhower Coaching & Consulting’s founder Brian Icenhower further expands on this concept in the following video segment from ICC’s Administrative Assistant Onboarding & Training Course:

Video: Realtor Administrative Assistant Lead Generation

If your real estate office is business-based, your services are about you and the business at hand: helping people buy and sell houses. While there’s nothing wrong with being business-based, you’ll eventually reach a plateau. The business will never reach its true potential. Think of it this way: the business does not exist for the sake of being a business. Your real estate office exists to provide a consumer service, which happens to be selling properties.

Realtor Administrative Assistant Connections

A customer-based service, on the other hand, is a dynamic opportunity to serve others by creating connections among them. Specifically, realtor administrative assistants are a valuable resource for people who need a property question answered or want recommendations for the best landscapers or contractors in town.

For instance, a realtor administrative assistant has many connections with real estate service providers. A customer-based business is built by helping and solving problems for people, and they’ll remember you when they require professional real estate services.

Moreover, realtor administrative assistants are in communication with a variety of vendors & affiliates while managing the administrative side of an agent’s business. Consequently, this puts realtor administrative assistants in a unique position to connect with people and ask for referral business.

In conclusion, realtor administrative assistants must reach out to these connections, just like the real estate agents they work with. See our article on Inman about onboarding agents using our free agent onboarding calendar.
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