Video Marketing for Real Estate –  Learn the strategies and techniques that top-producing real estate agents use to increase brand awareness, stay first of mind, and generate more business.

Video marketing for real estate agents has never been easier. And, it is not as expensive as you may think. It’s truly something that every real estate agent can and should be doing. Video has become a crucial aspect of a real estate agent’s business in the past few years. 

In 2020 when we were faced with the unexpected challenges that came with the COVID-19 pandemic, we learned many new ways to communicate that didn’t involve meeting in person. There was a time when nobody knew what “Zoom” was, and now everybody uses Zoom for video conferencing like it’s no big deal. Social media wasn’t something that everyone subscribed to before, but now it seems like everybody is on social media. Zoom and social media both made it possible for us to see each other at a time when we couldn’t be together. As a result, never before has it been more lucrative to start using video. All the top agents are jumping on board, and as I’ve said before, success leaves clues

VIDEO: Video Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Types of video marketing for real estate

Here are several ways to use video marketing in your real estate business right now.

  • Listing Videos
  • Local Business Spotlight Videos
  • DIY Tip Videos
  • Market Statistics Videos
  • Client Event Promotional Videos
  • Real Estate Educational Videos
  • Client Testimonial Videos
  • Pre-Listing Videos
  • Pre-Buying Videos

Listing Videos

How do you create a video that shows off a listing? When using a Listing Video in your video marketing for real estate agents, here’s the simple formula to follow. 

Drone, agent, house, agent. 

The flow should go like this: drone video from above, then you as the agent introduce yourself and the listing, then show footage of the house, then you sign off. Why does this work? When people see drone footage of a neighborhood in their newsfeed on social media, they stop and watch. It grabs your attention! It’s a view that we don’t usually get to see and it makes someone who is scrolling through social media stop and look. 

In this video, you must show yourself. You need to present your brand. The video is no good at all if the viewer never sees your face. They won’t associate this cool video with you if you are not present! Make sure when you are on video, you are in the best part of the house. This will make you more impressive and it will be more interesting to the viewer. Finally, your video should show some footage of the house, and then you wrap it up and tell the viewer how to contact you. 

Local Business Spotlight Videos

As a real estate agent, you know that part of your job is to be a pillar of the community. People look to you for advice, and you create strong vendor referral relationships with local businesses by promoting them to your followers. This is great for farming, too. When you highlight a local business, not only are you building a referral relationship, but they are bound to share your video too, in turn providing you with free advertising. All of the sudden, your audience gets a lot bigger.

Here are some great ideas on how to use video for local business spotlights.

  • Weekly interviews at local businesses
  • Highlight community events
  • Showcase local charities
  • Tour your favorite local spots
  • Support local schools and clubs

HOT TIP: Take this to the next level and create a Facebook Group for your community. This is great for farming. You can make the group for your entire town or just a neighborhood that you farm. 

DIY Videos

This is a fun way to share tips and ideas to your followers. It can be anything from a fun seasonal craft or recipe to home repair tips. When it comes to video marketing for real estate, DIY videos are lighthearted and can really showcase your personality.

Market Statistics Videos

Share what’s happening in your local market. Talk about inventory and local housing prices. I would probably only share a video on local market stats quarterly because if you do it too often, it will really start to bore people.

Client Event Promotional Videos

Use footage from a previous event to promote your upcoming client event. And then thank people with a video highlighting the best parts of your event as a follow up.

Real Estate Educational Videos

Interview mortgage brokers, appraisers, loan officers, local builders, etc. Vendors love this and may give you money to co-market.

Client Testimonial Videos

Show off how much your clients love you. This is one of the most powerful ways to use video marketing for real estate. Get several of your happy clients to talk about how great you were and how happy they are with their home sale/home buying experience. You can use these videos everywhere — on social media, on your website, in pre-listing videos, etc. They really work wonders on making potential clients feel comfortable with you.

video marketing for real estate

Pre-Listing Videos

This is a video you can send to a potential seller. And, it’s probably one of the most powerful uses of video marketing for real estate. If you have a listing appointment, you will want to send them this video first. Back in the day, we would provide a pre-listing packet and deliver that before our appointment. You can still do this, but you don’t want to risk looking too old-school, so also send it as a PDF in an email and always include a video, too. 

This Pre-Listing Video will set yourself apart from the competition. If you want to make yourself look like an expert and not make them question what you are doing to earn your commission or doubt your value, start evidencing your value.

This video is also great for building the foundation for your relationship. If a potential seller watches this video before your appointment, they will feel more connected to you when you actually meet in person. In your minute-long Pre-Listing Video, they are going to see you and they are going to hear your voice, so your relationship will move a little further. When you have your formal appointment, they will almost feel like this is your second meeting. They will be more ready to sign with you. The unfamiliarity is out of the way.

Video marketing for real estate: Talking points

  • Introduce yourself
  • Show your best listings
  • Talk about your values and customer service
  • Talk about getting the highest price for your clients and the process of selling
  • Set expectations
  • Give stats about you or your team
  • Share client testimonials
  • Demonstrate your marketing abilities

The cost to produce a high quality Pre-Listing Video will be $500-$1,000, but the beauty of this investment is that you can use it over and over again for years. 

Pre-Buying Videos

The same principle applies here for a Buyer Consultation. If you are trying to get a buyer to sign a Buyer Agency agreement, we need to put them through a professional process. Sending them a Pre-Buying Video helps to grow that relationship ahead of time and also sets the expectation that you’re a professional agent. 

Video marketing for real estate: Talking points

  • Introduction of Lead Buyers Agent (or you if you are a solo agent)
  • Talk about your values and customer service
  • Talk about getting the highest price for your clients and the process of buying
  • Set expectations
  • Give stats about you or your team
  • Share client testimonials
  • Demonstrate your marketing abilities

Video marketing for real estate: When to hire a videographer

Most of the videos that we went over to be used in video marketing for real estate can be taken informally with your phone and don’t require a high level of production. The videos that may require hiring a fancy videographer would be your Client Event Videos, Client Testimonial Videos, Pre-Listing Videos, and Pre-Buying Videos. If you want to show off your marketing skills in these videos, hire a professional to make it look really good. Plus, you’ll be using these professional-looking videos for years and years, so pay to make them look good. You’ll get your money’s worth. 

If the video subject is more informal, like a quick market update or a quick spotlight on a local business, just use your phone! Plus, informal videos can feel much more personal and “real,” and clients love that, too

Quick tip: posting your videos

Take you videos and upload them to your YouTube channel. You never, ever want to be sending around giant MP4 video files. These are bulky and take up so much space. They are hard to send and not accessible on all formats. Uploading the video to YouTube makes it infinitely more accessible and sharable. 

All that being said, don’t post the YouTube video link on Facebook. Upload the video file into Facebook directly. Google owns YouTube and Facebook doesn’t like that you will be directing their visitors away from their website. So, when you add a YouTube video link to your Facebook post, it only displays a thumbnail version of the video on your newsfeed. If you want the video to look beautiful and automatically start playing as a viewer scrolls, you must upload the video directly into Facebook. Now, it will play right inside each person’s news feed. And, it will look great.

When it comes to video marketing for real estate, now is the time to dive in. Even if you don’t feel confident right now, remember confidence builds with time. Take a look at what the successful agents are doing and emulate that. Before you know it, you’ll be using video marketing in your daily business.

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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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