Use these creative ideas for community events for real estate agents looking to give back to their local communities by coming from contribution.

If you want to sell more houses where you live, these community events for real estate agents are wonderful, highly effective activities to do.

Let’s talk about community events. Let’s get specific about events that you put on to give back to your community.

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Community events for real estate agents ideas

At ICC, we have a great Client Events packet that we put together. Inside, it contains a lot of information about client events in general. It also has several lists of ideas for these client events. Specifically, there is a section all about community events, and some of our top ideas to help you come up with your next community event.

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In the meantime, here are a few of our favorite community events for real estate agents:

  • Mobile Blood Drive Van
  • Local Non-Profit
  • Fundraising Event
  • Canned Food Drive
  • Winter Coat Drive
  • Toys for Tots
  • Relay for Life Sponsorship
  • Mobile TSA PreCheck Registration Van
  • Back to School Supplies Drive
  • Giveaways that support local businesses (gift cards for local restaurants)
  • Collect donations to local homeless shelter or soup kitchen

Overlap events for your community events for real estate agents

You can overlap some of these community events for real estate agents with other events that you are putting on.

For example, if you are having “Photos with Santa,” you can also promote that you are collecting Toys for Tots, and invite your sphere of influence (SOI) to bring a toy when they come. This kind of positive community initiative does a lot for your reputation in your community.

Canned food drive example

My wife, who runs a highly successful real estate team, does a canned food drive every single year. She does it in a geographic farm, which makes it easier, since she is dropping off bags and picking up cans in one neighborhood instead of all over the city.

She does all 15 contacts from the Client Event Contact Plan. On a certain date, her team drops off all the bags for collecting the canned foods. The bag has her team’s logo on it and instructions for when they will be back to pick up the food.

There are so many reasons to contact the geographic farm members for community events for real estate agents – reminders about putting the cans out to be collected, etc. At the end, she makes a big social media post showing all the cans collected, dropping them off at the food bank, etc.

SOI and geographic farms

Community events are not just for your SOI. They can also be done on your geographic farms. As I mentioned in the canned food drive example, a lot of these community event ideas can be done very effectively with your geographic farm.

You can create a community event aimed at any database of people that you want to increase your mindshare with – so long as you can target market it. You can only target market your event if you have a physical database with details for your target audience. It has to be specific in order to execute your Client Event Contact Plan.

This kind of positive community initiative does a lot for your reputation in your community.

Brian Icenhower

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