Approximately 1% of any city’s population are real estate agents. Furthermore, there are an enormous amount of great real estate brokerages for those agents to choose from. How do you distinguish yourself from the competition and get more productive agents on your team? And what type of agent should you try to attract?

Bar none, the single most effective recruiting tool is the promise of prodigious production and unparalleled success. Real estate companies that adopt a production-centric UVP tend to attract the most productive agents and grow the fastest.

In this video, ICC founder, Brian Icenhower, speaks with master recruiter, Emily Landin, about the relationship pipeline. To attract more agents to your team, you will need to stay in constant relationship with a large number of agents in your local area.

Video: Get More Productive Agents On Your Team

Recruit a Range of Producers

In a healthy ecosystem, diversity boosts productivity. Ecosystems that contain several species are more productive than individual species on their own.

Likewise, diversity and balance is the key to creating a thriving real estate company that isn’t overpopulated with a single type of agent.

As a species, real estate agents come in many sizes, from little mackerel to medium tuna all the way up to those mythical, massive marlin! No matter how big or small, each type of agent has an important role to play and should form part of your recruiting strategy: 

  • Newly Licensed Agents
  • Low Producing Agents
  • High Producing Agents
  • Icon Agents & Mega Agents

Newly Licensed Agents

Newly licensed agents can transform a real estate office.

Firstly, they are confident and highly motivated, and boy is that an asset in real estate. Secondly, they have a positive mindset, which is essential for the culture of any office. Finally, they also bring knowledge, experience and ideas in technology and social media.

Young new agents don’t have a proven track record for production. Yet, many new agents will knock it out of the park and be highly successful if you are willing to take a chance on training and mentoring them.

Low Producing Agents

Needless to say, low producers are not as exciting or attractive a recruiting target. However, when so many agents quit the business in less than five years, longevity and experiences counts for something.

A good recruiter inspires low producers out of their comfort zone.

Persuade low producers to make changes, try new things, and embrace a higher level of lead generation activity. You might not recruit an instant high producer, but you may create a more productive agent for your team.

High Producing Agents

Newly licensed agents need assistance learning the best business-generation strategies. And low producing agents need help with motivation, mindset and accountability.

Higher producing agents generally need help in becoming more efficient, improving their time-management skills, and increasing work-life balance. 

Getting more productive agents on your team is about adding value. Oftentimes, the most valuable assistance you can provide to a high producing agent is tactical guidance in transitioning from a buyer-side business into taking more listings. 

Icons & Mega Agents

In the real estate industry, Icon Agents and Mega Agents are the biggest fish in the sea and the two most valuable targets you can possibly reel in. 

Recruiting an Icon Agent or Mega Agent makes headline news in the local real estate industry. And that news will typically attract a lot more agents your way. We call it the “piñata effect.” No matter how many times or how hard you hit it, sometimes it takes forever for a piñata to break. But once you make that first little hole and break that piñata out, it’s not long before all the candy comes rushing down. 

Real estate has a tremendously amplified herd mentality. When the herd starts moving, it’s usually in the footsteps of an Icon Agent or a Mega Agent (or Mega Team). 

Provide Administrative Assistance to Support Productivity

Finally, when recruiting more productive agents to your team, don’t overlook support staff. Hiring an office Transaction Coordinator or Listing Manager can be extremely attractive for busy agents that want to reduce the many hats they wear each day. 

Administrative assistants keeps agents focused on production. To get more productive agents on your team, assure them that, at your production-centric company, a real estate agent’s activities are limited to:

  • Listing Property
  • Showing Property
  • Negotiating Contracts
  • Lead Generation

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