Use all of these holiday real estate marketing ideas for Realtors to generate business throughout the entire holiday season.

‘Tis the season for holiday real estate marketing ideas. And they are quick, simple, and effective marketing ideas, at that. These are ideas that work well from a week or two prior to Thanksgiving all the way up through New Years.

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Holiday real estate marketing ideas: remember, it’s a game of touches

Why are these big personal touches important during the holiday season? Emotions are high this time of year. People are looking for their next big thing. One big thing that happens to come up a lot? Moving. Many people decide during the holidays that they want to move or buy a new house next year.

You want to be first of mind when your people start to think about the big things that the new year holds. Big decisions, like deciding to move, are made during the holidays.

Brian Icenhower

Using these holiday real estate marketing ideas will give you a great excuse to make your daily contacts.

You are keeping it simple, yet personal. You aren’t asking for business. All you are doing is finding a way to spread some holiday cheer and wishing your sphere of influence (SOI) contacts a happy holiday season.

Here are a few of my favorite holiday real estate marketing ideas

1. Personal video message

This is a huge one, and it’s so quick and easy. You can send a quick, personal video message to your SOI contacts.

  • 30-60 seconds long
  • Say their name
  • Say their spouse’s name and/or kids’ names if applicable
  • If you’ve seen them post about something recently on social media, mention it
  • Don’t ask for anything
  • Wish them a happy holiday season

The engagement level for these types of holiday real estate marketing ideas is astronomical. You will get so many text messages back. Remember, people open and read text messages at a 97%-99% rate.

Can you imagine getting a personal video message text from someone and not watching it? That would be so awkward. There is a sense of obligation to watch a personal video message.

2. Holiday cards

This is probably the most effective method of print marketing. Nay-sayers will claim that print marketing is dead, but I would argue against that, especially in this case.

People collect holiday cards and display them in their houses. This is especially true for the 50+ crowd. It’s almost like a badge of honor to receive a bunch of holiday cards — “Look how popular I am!”

3. Facebook direct messages

Almost everyone has the Facebook Messenger app on their phone. I wouldn’t send a holiday card type of message through Facebook DM — that feels a little too spammy. But, a quick personal video from you sent via Facebook DM is perfect.

Remember to make these messages as personal as humanly possible.

Brian Icenhower

4. Closing statements for past clients

Ask your escrow officer or closing company (whoever gives you/your clients a closing statement) to get you closing statements during the holidays. Towards the end of the holidays, this is a very valuable touch.

Mail is best for this. Send your past clients a copy of their closing statements. Include your business card and a personal note. “Hey! Give this to your accountant next year.”

You can email them a digital copy, too, but physical mail makes the highest impact.

5. Mistletoe

This is a unique holiday gift to “drop by” and give your SOI contacts. It’s even easier if you have a geographical farm. Mistletoe is cheap and low commitment. It’s charming and thoughtful. Put a piece of ribbon around it and attach a holiday card and you’ve made a positive impression.

Alternative to mistletoe is a poinsettia plant.

6. Client events

“Photos with Santa” is probably one of the most popular holiday real estate marketing ideas out there. All you need is a willing “Santa,” a Santa suit, and a photographer.

Oftentimes, the photographer will work for free and sell prints to your clients. You can host it at a local coffee shop, or even at one of your more beautiful current listings (this is a win-win for you!)

There are other great holiday-themed client events:

  • Toys for Tots donations
  • Canned food drives
  • Coat donations
  • Other charity-centric events
  • Open house party
  • Hot chocolate cart

For more help with Realtor Events, check out our latest online course.

Holiday real estate marketing ideas are powerful

These marketing ideas will help you make a meaningful and lasting impact on your SOI. Remember, always come from contribution and add value. You will literally make a difference. You’ll feel good about yourself, and you’ll bring more positivity into your community!

Be purposeful about it. It’s a game of contacts, so make them count. Use these holiday real estate marketing ideas to help you be first of mind throughout this holiday season.

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