Our real estate broker coaching program is designed for managers, owners, and leaders who want efficient and effective systems for every facet of business.

Today, ICC is proud to highlight our real estate broker coaching program. It’s designed for managers, owners, and leaders who want to build efficient and effective systems for every facet of their business.

As the real estate industry’s premier leadership coaching company, ICC emphasizes the importance of establishing efficient systems to increase our clients’ income while preserving their life balance.

VIDEO: Real Estate Broker Coaching for Managers, Owners, & Leaders

What real estate broker coaching looks like

I have the pleasure of working with some of the biggest and most successful brokers from across North America. One of my favorite things is being able to build these relationships and then have the opportunity to provide training and coaching to these talented leaders.

As an example of one of those meaningful relationships that I’ve formed, in today’s video, I got to speak with Colby Lampman, Designated Broker and President at Homes of Idaho in Boise, Idaho. Back in January, I was the keynote speaker at their big Success Summit event for all of their agents. 

A conversation on real estate broker coaching with Colby Lampman

Here’s a snippet of the chat I had with Colby about real estate broker coaching and Homes of Idaho.

Brian: “Throughout the lagging real estate market where your competitors, brokerages, are shrinking, agents are dropping in production, etc., your brokerage has grown dramatically over the last 5 years. It is still growing. Agents keep joining your office and your production has increased as a result. What’s the secret?”

Colby: “You know, Brian, it’s culture, of course. That’s one thing that’s helped us a lot over the years. But right now in this market, it’s all about the training that we are providing to our agents. We give them the motivation, the encouragement to keep going. 

“Icenhower Coaching and Consulting has been a very big piece and component of that. It brings so much value to our agents. The culture that you have at ICC matches the culture of Homes of Idaho. We show up to your seminars and we have fun. We enjoy ourselves but we are also learning. 

“That’s what we do at Homes of Idaho. We have fun together, but we are also learning and staying informed. ICC has been a huge part of that. Nick Cameron, my personal ICC broker coach, and the amount that ICC pours into us. It’s been awesome to have you here in Boise. Today is all about bringing value.

Brian: “To watch you grow this brokerage from 50 people to well over 400 agents over the course of the past few years has been really exciting. I think agents can see it too, with events like this. You’re actually showing them and giving them tools on how to sell more real estate and how to increase their production. It’s a testament to you and your entire leadership team and how you’ve grown.


Real estate broker coaching: systems for growth

ICC is known for helping firms set up the most effective and efficient systems for:

  • recruiting
  • agent onboarding
  • commission and fee structures
  • agent engagement and retention systems
  • administrative work-flows
  • transaction management
  • staff hiring
  • productivity training and accountability
  • financials and budgeting
  • marketing
  • and much more
real estate broker coaching
Learn to grow your real estate business by targeting, connecting with, and ultimately closing on the best recruits around. We'll teach you how to find great candidates, qualify them, and say the right thing at the right time to bring them on board.

Real estate broker coaching beyond real estate

If desired, ICC will also help real estate broker coaching clients generate additional business income from ancillary services like:

  • mortgage lending
  • title services
  • insurance services
  • property management
  • real estate development
  • home flipping
  • property investing
  • and many more

It is not uncommon for ICC real estate broker coaching clients to generate significant streams of income from several of these sources in addition to the profit generated from the brokerage’s sales production.


What is included in ICC’s real estate broker coaching program?

  • weekly meetings with an ICC coach
  • individual login credentials to the ICC Online Learning Center for your leadership team
  • a vast array of different growth systems for expedited learning
  • accelerated implementation process
  • increase in production much more quickly
  • free registration + 4 additional free registrations to the annual ICC Summit real estate conference

Just a few examples of the ICC online Learning Center training courses include:

  • New Agent Onboarding
  • Recruiting
  • Agent Retention Systems
  • Growth Operations Systems
  • Broker Leadership Training
  • Circle Prospecting
  • Online Lead Generation
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing
  • Prospecting
  • Agent Productivity Coaching
  • Administrative Staff Onboarding
  • Negotiating Strategies
  • Inside Sales Agent Training
  • Staff Hiring Systems
  • Time Management
  • and so much more

FREE DOWNLOAD: Brokerage Training Calendar

Today, we are giving subscribers a free copy of our Brokerage Training Calendar. This calendar template is a great example of the value you can be bringing to the agents at your brokerage. Be sure to watch the video at the beginning of this blog to learn more about how ICC can provide you with the real estate broker coaching you need to take your business to the next level.

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Stay up to date on what's happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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