Use these real estate inside sales agent systems & scripts for contacting, nurturing and converting leads into successful appointments with clients.  As with all lead generation and conversion techniques, the key is to systematize the process.  Attempting to randomly respond to every lead that comes in without an automated follow-up process in place creates a tremendous burden on your wallet and your calendar.  Therefore, it’s crucial for real estate inside sales agents to quickly assess the needs and urgency of each lead they come in contact with in order to assign them to the appropriate lead follow up campaign.  Before checking out our real estate inside sales agent key principles below, watch as Dale Archdekin, $250 million in annual sales volume and over 600 homes sold per year, reveals the systems, processes & scripts that his team of dynamic real estate inside sales agents use to successfully convert internet leads in the following video.

Real Estate Inside Sales Agent Scripts & Systems Video

Real Estate Inside Sales Agent Lead Follow-Up

Use the Lead Follow-Up Graphic below to stress the two essential principles of online lead conversion with real estate inside sales agents.  First, all online leads must be responded to within 5 minutes of receiving the lead.  Second, leads should always be followed up with at least 9 times to achieve successful contact and conversion rates.  By measuring and tracking these two key measures, real estate inside sales agent conversion rates can increase from 1% or 2% all the way up to the 5% to 8% range.  So if a real estate team is receiving 100 leads per month, the successful monitoring of just these two key ISA lead follow-up principles can cause the team to close an additional 5 or 6 transactions each month.

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