Use these real estate scripts for sellers to help Realtors uncover and tap into seller motivation to increase urgency.

What real estate scripts for sellers can you use to help motivate your clients that now is the time to sell? Today we are going to dive into some tips, scripts, and techniques to increase urgency and incite seller motivation in a time when inventory is at an all-time low.

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Buyer demand is high, inventory is low

Finding buyers is not the problem right now. The issue is finding homes to sell them! And a huge frustration that you may be experiencing is speaking to your sellers and hearing a range of reasons why they aren’t ready to sell yet.

Waiting is a gamble

A good real estate script for sellers drives home the point that waiting is not wise. It is a gamble in this situation. If you sell right now, you will likely have multiple offers within days. The market has never been hotter. If you decide to wait, it is a gamble because in a few weeks or a month, things can completely change. It is better to get in now while we know the getting is good!

Decisions are made based on emotion and impulse

I don’t care how into the “numbers” you are. Everyone assumes that the most motivating factor for anyone is money. But it’s not! We, as humans, are emotional beings. We are always making decisions, even financial ones, based on our emotions. Sometimes, people will even use the numbers to justify their impulsive, emotional decision after the fact.

What does this mean for you as a real estate agent? How can you get the guy who wants to wait to list his house in June when his kids are out of school to list now instead? What real estate scripts for sellers can you use here?

If you are trying to get a listing appointment with someone in your sphere of influence (SOI) who says they want to wait until summer, what do you say? You can’t call him every week and ask if he is ready yet. So … what can you do in this situation to create urgency?

Set the appointment

Do not handle objections over the phone. It’s the quickest way to lose a listing appointment. When you reach out by phone, your goal is to get an appointment locked in. You must have this conversation face to face, even if it is virtual over Zoom. If we cannot successfully deflect or overcome an objection over the phone, you won’t get the listing appointment, which means the client won’t get to hear everything you need to say.

When it comes to real estate scripts for sellers, before the listing appointment is made, it is all about getting them to agree to schedule an appointment with you. Do not give answers to questions like “What’s your commission?” over the phone. All objections and questions must be handled at the appointment. Do not start trying to overcome any objections, including urgency objections until you are in person! Get the client to the listing appointment!

real estate scripts for sellers

Real estate scripts for sellers: how do you get the appointment?

If the person you’re speaking to on the phone is saying they would like to wait to sell their house, there are a few ways to get them to an appointment. One way is the alternative choice close. You acknowledge that they don’t need to feel rushed, but that you’d like the chance to create a game plan with them so that by the time summer comes around, you can hit the ground running. Remind them that you only want to help them see what their options are. Then, you close and provide them with two options. Would you like to meet in person or virtually on Zoom?

Here’s another great little script for real estate sellers. After hearing their objection over the phone, you can respond like this. Yeah, I totally get it. I’d love to just briefly meet with you now and I can give you some information to get you ready and knowledgeable whether you want to sell this summer or 5 years from now. The timeline is totally up to you, there’s no obligation. I’d like to give you a rough idea of how much money you can expect to get out of your house when you sell it. That’d be helpful, wouldn’t it!

Window washing analogy

If you’ve ever driven through downtown Los Angeles (or many other big cities), you’ve likely received a window washing from a member of the local homeless population. You didn’t ask for it, but it happened while you were stopped at a stop light, and you had no way to resist. Now, the man who just washed your windows is looking at you. He’s staring right into your soul. This is when the feeling creeps in that maybe you do owe him something for the work he just did, even though you didn’t ask for it.

The same concept applies to real estate listing appointments. If you can get a seller to a listing appointment and you can walk them through all of this great information about how much their home is worth and provide all this value to them, you are “washing their windows.” They will start to feel obligated to you. After all, you’ve already provided them with value. It would feel very uncomfortable for them to go with another listing agent. The more value you provide to your people, the more loyal they will be to you!

One of the best ways that you can speed up a listing and create urgency is by trying to get in front of them with a listing appointment now. Beyond all the real estate scripts for sellers that you could use, it’s the action of booking that appointment ASAP. The sooner you can start “washing their windows,” the sooner they will feel comfortable trusting you with their listing.

Need more help?

Watch the video embedded in this blog for more examples of how to start adding value to your sphere of influence (SOI). And for more help, reach out to us here at ICC. We can get you on the phone with a coach for a free consultation. Get an ICC coach in your corner!

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Stay up to date on what’s happening in our industry and join our Facebook group, the Real Estate Agent Round Table for free, relevant content daily, including breaking news on the real estate market.

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