One of the most effective ways for agents to build a real estate sphere of influence is by developing a business-to-business marketing network who’s members refer business to one another for mutual benefit.  Due to the nature of their  industry, real estate agents have more business to refer than people who work in other industries.  A REALTOR® is typically charged with finding a number of referrals for to meet a client’s needs, so it is only natural that an agent would initiate a referral partnership program as a means of expanding his or her real estate sphere of influence too.

Video – The Real Estate Sphere of Influence B2B Program

Watch as top producing agent Jennie Wolek from Tulsa, Oklahoma reveals the components of her business-to-business (B2B) program she uses to build her real estate sphere of influence and sell 150 homes a year in this video.

Also be sure to join Jennie Wolek’s Facebook Group “Your Journey With Jennie” to learn more amazing ideas about growing your real estate business.

The B2B Program Covenant:                                        Get the Book! Real Estate Coach

This covenant serves as a non-enforceable yet documented agreement between two business leaders who strive to expand each other’s reach for opportunity and clientele.

The ABC Real Estate Group aims to lead the way within our local community with a goal of being trusted and known by its clients, peers, friends, and associates as the business connector for those in need of the best products and service providers in town.  Our preferred business partner relationship must meet our expectations and guidelines with regards to facilitating a world-class experience for our clients.

This relationship is built upon mutual trust, integrity, and commitment.  We commit to lead by example by taking an active role in developing our business relationships and creating value with our Preferred Service  Partners (PSP) which is designed to increase their business.  We accomplish this in two ways: 1) consistent communication to maintain our relationship and 2) executing our 5-Star Growth Plan for our business partners and friends.

5-Star Growth Plan for Preferred Service Partners (PSP):

  1. Video Interview (produced and funded by ABC Real Estate Group)- shared on Facebook, YouTube, multiple websites and emailed to our database. Please share your client list with us and we will send to them as well!
  2. Invites to our client parties, events, and PSP networking events.
  3. Contact information added to our PSP tab on our website and video blog.  We will also regularly promote your business on Facebook and share any offers or discounts for your business.
  4. Your contact information and logo on our quarterly PSP postcard sent to our database of over 1000 local homeowners.

B2B Growth Script:

You:  Hello (Their name)! How are you doing?

SOI or B2B:  Great. How are you?

You:  Awesome! Thank you for asking.

You:  (Their Name), the purpose of my call today is to ask you a quick question. I am finding myself becoming a resource to my friends and clients, like you, and I am often asked, “Who do you know that can help me with…” This triggered an important thought…Why don’t I call my friends and clients and ask them “Who do you know, in any type of business that delivered a fantastic experience with a service you’ve had?”

You:  So, I am asking you just that, “Who do you know, in any type of business that delivered a fantastic customer experience?”

SOI or B2B:  Allow them to respond.

You:  Thank you (Their Name). What is it that you really appreciated about the service that (the recommendation) gave you?

SOI or B2B:  Allow them to respond.

You:  “Do you think it would be okay if you shared their phone number with me and I gave them a call?”

SOI or B2B:  Allow them to respond.

You:  “Great. Thank you so much! I will give them a call today.

You:  Thank you again and please let me know if you need anything at all. Have a great afternoon!

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