Use this Realtor business plan pdf sample as a template to follow in order to create your annual business plan and a system for implementation over the course of the year.

Today we are giving you a free Realtor Business Plan PDF Sample to use when creating your own business plan. We are also giving you a free downloadable Action Steps PDF Sample, which supports your business plan. I’m going to break down why these two documents are absolutely necessary for your success this year.

It is essential for real estate agents to create (and implement) a business plan each year. It’s true that people who hit their goals are people who give themselves a process, or as system, by which to make tiny incremental steps to reach their big goal. Along with these free downloads, we will also teach you how to make sure you stick by your business plan, like the top-producing agents do.

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A Realtor business plan pdf sample that works

Top producers live by their annual business plan. They know the powerful effect it has on their success for the year. That said, most real estate agents (low performers) skip it. Usually this is because once a business plan is made, it is forgotten. If you do not implement the plan, obviously it’s a waste of your time. If you want to be a successful Realtor, you need to learn how to implement your business plan like the top producers do. That’s why we are giving you a Realtor business plan pdf sample today. We want to help get you started on the right foot.

Elements of a good business plan

  • Simple format. Our 1-3-5 Business Plan makes the 1 big annual goal clear at the top. Then, it breaks that 1 big goal into 3 key focus areas. Finally, there are 5 objectives for each key focus areas.
  • SMART goals. The goals outlined on your business plan must be SMART! Specific (GCI, units closed, sales volume), Measurable (based on a number), Achievable (don’t choose a goal too lofty to reach), Relevant (make it meaningful), and Time-bound (give it a due date).
  • One page. If your business plan fits on one page, you are more likely to review it throughout the year. It also forces you to be concise and intentional. The one-page format also makes it easy to display at your desk or on a wall of your office.
  • Meet, review regularly, and keep yourself accountable. More on this in a moment.
  • Action Steps. A good business plan should have an additional document that assigns tasks to people and puts due dates on to-dos. This allows you to timeblock accordingly and pace yourself to accomplish your 1 big goal by the end of the year.

It all starts with 1 big goal

Start your 1-3-5 Business Plan with 1 big annual goal. Make sure that goal is SMART (see above). The more specific the better! When you break down that 1 big goal into 3 key focus areas, those key focus areas must all be in support of that 1 big goal. What key focus areas will help you achieve that 1 big goal? Then, when you create 5 objectives for each key focus area, these need to be actionable and SMART as well. All 15 objectives must be in direct alignment with the 1 big goal at the top of the business plan. You’ll see exactly what we mean when you download our Realtor Business Plan PDF Sample.

Realtor business plan pdf sample

Implementation of your 1-3-5 business plan

There are two keys to implement your 1-3-5 business plan. Remember, this process is all about baby steps. The first key is to meet weekly. The second key is to create an Action Steps document to push yourself forward, assign tasks, and add due dates.

1. Team meeting / weekly accountability

If you want a detailed process of how to hold an effective team meeting, pick up The High-Performing Real Estate Team. Good team meetings are focused. In the first half of your team meeting, go over the team dashboard, look at all Activity Based Indicators (ABIs), and hold team members accountable. In the second half of your team meeting, pick a few key objectives on your 1-3-5 Business Plan. See the Realtor Business Plan PDF Sample for some good examples. What is the tiniest, actionable baby step that can be accomplished before your next team meeting? Once those weekly baby steps are chosen and assigned, report back at next week’s team meeting with results.

You are moving forward in baby steps. It’s all about incremental progress. Once you accomplish an objective, you move on to the next. This continues all year long. Make your weekly to-dos as small as possible. (Remember, in this weekly team meeting, we are only talking about your 1-3-5 and the objectives that need to be accomplished to reach that 1 big goal. We aren’t talking about the day-to-day business or customer service issues, or other things going on that might distract you from that 1 big goal.)

Most of the agents and teams that we coach here at ICC accomplish their 1 one big goal halfway through the year. It happens so fast because they take baby steps and suddenly they’ve accomplished their goals. When this happens, you can meet and create a 1-3-5 Business Plan for the rest of the year. When you focus on your business plan and carve out the time to meet weekly and take those baby steps, you meet your goals.

You can do this as a solo agent, yes. But you need to keep yourself on track, and this is hard without group accountability. I recommend that you find a mentor, accountability partner, or coach to push you forward and keep you on track.

2. Action Steps to keep your objectives moving forward

Creating an Action Steps document is great for teams and solo agents alike. The Action Steps document takes each objective that you outlined on your 1-3-5 Business Plan (as shown in the Realtor Business Plan PDF Sample) and assigns each objective to a person with a due date. You’ll have three Action Steps sheets because you have one Action Steps sheet for each of the 3 key focus areas outlined on your 1-3-5 Business Plan.

If you want to ensure that you get stuff done, create your 1-3-5 Business Plan, then create your Action Steps form for each of the 3 key focus areas. Then, you timeblock and add the due dates to your calendar. You will look at your 1-3-5 Business Plan and Action Steps each week, whether its by yourself as a solo agent or at your meeting if you’re a team leader or team member.

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If you can create these two documents to support your 2022 goals, you’re going to be much better at sticking by your business plan. And, ultimately, accomplishing those goals.

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Realtor business plan pdf sample

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