Paying for marketing costs can take a bite out of a real estate marketing budget. Rather than reduce how you spend money in marketing, what if there was a way of getting marketing dollars? Learn how to get vendors to help with marketing expenses. 

Marketing costs for real estate agents are always on the rise. The emergence of online searches has become a significant factor in the distribution of real estate agent leads.  As a result, agents have been forced to increase their budgets to cover these higher real estate marketing costs.

Other industries use joint marketing to maximize the reach of their marketing dollars. Why not real estate? Real estate vendor networks are vast and touch upon various industries, like mortgage lenders and moving companies.

Getting vendors to contribute to marketing leads to a win-win for you and the vendor. Your real estate referral network helps drum up new business for the vendor, which could be worth hundreds of thousands on their end. Hear about which vendors to approach, possible objections and how to overcome them to prove value. Some real estate marketing contributions from a joint marketing plan range in the double digits per month.

Learn how to set up a real estate affiliate program using vendor networks. The marketing dollars tips in this video teach an alternative way of tackling marketing expenses for real estate. 

Vendor Contributions for Real Estate Marketing Costs

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