Use this free PDF download of a Realtor event plan designed to maximize contacts and generate a large real estate agent event turnout.

The Realtor Event Plan is everything. As I say over and over, this is a game of contacts.

We host Realtor events for many different reasons. The top 4 are:

  1. Contacts
  2. Referrals
  3. Reviews
  4. Testimonials

Let’s dive in! At the end of this blog, you can download our Realtor Contact Plan for free.

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Realtor event plans to make the most out of your event

Here are the four reasons for hosting a Realtor event and having a Realtor event plan in place.


1. Add contacts to your SOI through your client event contact plan

We already talked all about the importance of contacts. It really is the most important reason to host a client event.

2. Get referrals at your client event

Once you are at your event, you need to maximize your impact. You can be purposeful about asking for referrals.

Here’s an idea to make asking for referrals easier. Use raffle tickets! This is a great way to incentivize your event attendees to give you a referral. You can have a prize that you are raffling off. At the registration table at your event, you can get their contact info, and while you’re greeting them, you can say, “Hey, we are raffling off this prize, and you can get a ticket for each referral you share with me. Do you know anyone that might be interested in buying or selling this year?” 

3. Get reviews at your client event

If you’ve tried to systematically ask for reviews from your past clients, you know that it is not an easy task.

There is no place where it is easier to get a review than at a client event.

One way you can handle it is to bring a laptop to your registration table. As people come in, you give them a name tag, offer them a raffle ticket for any referrals they may give you, and then you can offer them an additional raffle ticket if they give you a 5-star review.

They will need to do it from their own phone. This is important because if they do it from your laptop, it will be marked as suspicious because all of these reviews will be coming from the same source – your laptop. You need to be able to quickly text them a link (while they are standing right there in front of you). Once they are done, they need to show you that they gave you a 5-star review. Then you give them the raffle ticket entry!

Can you imagine getting 100+ more 5-star reviews at your next big client event? I’ve seen many of our clients do this successfully at each of their quarterly events. It’s huge.

4. Get testimonials at your client event

Once your event is going on, you should meander through the event to talk to people. As you are doing so, you can be asking for client testimonials from SOI members who you have worked with in the past.

Uses for testimonial videos:

  • Social media post
  • Include in a pre-listing video
  • Email to SOI or farm database
  • Website testimonial

This is the perfect opportunity to ask a past client to say something positive about you. They are here at your free event, enjoying the value you are bringing to them, and they are available. Remember, they obviously like you, or they wouldn’t have come to your event. They are literally standing right in front of you! And, they are going to feel a little obligated, since you are doing all of this for them for free.

Testimonial videos give you local community credibility. 

Who to target with your Realtor event plan

Oftentimes these events are referred to as “client events.” This can be confusing to some who may think that only past and present clients are invited.

Of course, you are welcome to host client exclusive events, but for the purposes of making more contacts to your SOI and getting the full benefit of hosting a real estate event, it is best to broaden your invite list.


  • Past clients
  • Your SOI – this is anyone who knows you by name
    If they see your email, they will not mark you as “spam”

Inviting your entire SOI will increase your target market for your Realtor event plan.

Do you call it a client event? Sure. You can say it is for past, present, and future clients. Just because someone hasn’t actually used your services before doesn’t mean they won’t come.

It is highly unlikely that someone will not come if you call it a “client” event and you have never worked with them before. People love receiving invitations to free events. They will feel special.

Inviting your entire SOI will increase your target market for your Realtor event plan.

Brian Icenhower

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